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Bolibompa @ PokémonGo

The Pilot medal (COMPLETED)

where the (km) distance of your Pokémon trades are added. To get a gold medal you have to accumulate one milion (1 000 000) kilometers, that is equivalent to 25 times around the earth !!!
my type of challenge : )

One way to achieve "big" distances is to get pokemon Friends from far far away,

  • then, when you have an empty slot in your eggs store, you open a gift from a far away friend,
  • there is a big chance that you will get a 7 km egg, with the same location as your far away friends gift,
  • (if you don't get a 7 km egg you open an other gift from an other far away friend or wait for the next gift),
  • (be careful not to spin a pokestop while you have an empty slot in the egg store, you could fill the empty egg slot with an egg from your own location),
  • then you hatch the far away egg, and then trade the hatched far away Pokémon with a friend nearby.
  • My friends i Australia is 15 000 km away, that is 1/3 around the earth (I need to hatch 75 Australian eggs, sounds possible)
  • Tank you so much all my Friends, I hope you also get some km out of my eggs : )

I got the gold medal, thankyou all
for far far away Ultra-friends I will keep sending parcels until we reach the Best Friend level

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